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Russian research shows

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Experimental results on trucks and cars confirmed the fundamental possibility of reducing the use of liquid fuel, improving the energy efficiency of the internal combustion engine, and reducing the toxicity of their exhaust gases in a large city due to the partial addition of hydrogen to the gasoline mixture. Thus, in the mode of imitation of the urban driving cycle, energy consumption was reduced by 2.4–5.6%, while gasoline was replaced by 8–17%. The toxicity of exhaust gases under steady-state conditions in bench conditions was reduced by components from 17–96%).

V N Konoplev et al 2019 IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 632 012043

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Renewable energy is underused.

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Did you know that our planets renewable energy production is only 6.1%?  This means that 93.90% of our planets energy production is NOT from renewable sources.

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message to shipping

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Ever calculate what was left over from your gross revenues when diesel had rissen from 80 pence to a cost of 95 pences this year

Is these 95 pences an impossibility ???.

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Our concept for Your engine

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This is how we work

We have in our work shop a full size HHO generator set (for engines to about 3000 HP)

with the basic safeties and controls

We are willing to install it on your engine for one week to prove to you the working of our generators

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Seeing is believing

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Recently we tested a rather new truck (build  2010)

We outfitted it with a HHO generator set of ours

and we let it run for two weeks just to check for the drivers normal behaviour pattern.

after these two weeks we switched on the generator

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Nano additives for fuel (how do they work)

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