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Ever calculate what was left over from your gross revenues when diesel had rissen from 80 pence to a cost of 95 pences this year

Is these 95 pences an impossibility ???.

Do you think that the investment of converting to pulse fishing is still to make, and also think your bank that is reasonable? Do you think it is, only one insistent talk with your accountant will tell you somthing else.

Given the current international situation (Ukraine, ISIS, not least Libya and Nigeria, and South America: Venezuela), and we conveniently forget the other regions where it is not really nice for some time, it is not inconceivable that one of these conflict leads to a stagnation in the oil supply with all the price consequencescomming out of it . The United States is able already  a few years , to provide for its own needs   for that matter without major imports themselves so we do not need to count that they are that eager to ste up another war in Washington to keep the oil flowing world wide . Of the men and women in Brussels, we can count on that merry ge-boycott is going to be (with even less oil supply as a result), but the taps open to violence that is something not to be expected because we have too much for defense cut since 1989.

It is not inconceivable for the foreseeable future that even those 95 pence turns out to be a bargain , even without those war scenarios is to be expected that we are at a price of 110 cents and morr
e  in the foreseeable future agianst  historical development of the fuel prizes .
We can of course stab our heads in the sand  (like an ostrich) but rest assured that you will be slaughtered (bankers eat an ostrich steak, even raw).

Fortunately, there is still something you can do to turn the tide. You The price of fuel none of us can do something about it, unfortunately. But the fuel bill is to influence. Without major investment even.

The principle has long been known, but until now it apparently was not urgently needed for.
We have managed to  apply this principle to larger engines.

Returns up to 30% are achievable investment is a fraction of what other ways to save on fuel costs charges and heavy oil plant (where this principle moreover, continues to work)



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