How does H2 work in the combustion proces

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As H2 is the ultimate combustible, its addition to the combustion process enhances the burning of the other fuels it is not only via the normal ,,chemical” burning process  but as the pressures and temperatures rise in the combustion phase H2 is transformed to a plasma state and in this state it starts to react as a catalyst for the usual fuel burning process this is why only a little amount of H2 is needed compared to the rest of the fuel/oxigen mixture.In the plasma phase H+ ions make sure the fuel is burned very efficient. this way it reduces all the environmental minus points of whichever kind of fuel you are required to use in your engine




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New research from Lloyd’s Register and University College London’s Energy Institute explores the drivers for the future energy mix in shipping in 2030

  • Report indicates that in all scenarios heavy fuel oil remains the main fuel for deep sea shipping; LNG develops a deep sea bunker market share of 11%; low sulphur heavy fuel oil and hydrogen emerge as alternatives in certain scenarios
  • In Global Commons, the most optimistic scenario for a more sustainable world, global greenhouse gas emissions from shipping decline from 2025 despite significant growth in shipping
  • Study shows that the combination of growth in trade and reduced emissions would require a reduction in fossil fuel dependency and the commencement of a transition to a zero carbon fuel like hydrogen

Global Marine Fuel Trends 2030 released today by Lloyd’s Register provides insight into future fuel demand for the containership, bulk carrier/general cargo and tanker sectors – representing approximately 70% of the global shipping industry’s fuel demands.

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Renewable energy is underused.

Did you know that our planets renewable energy production is only 6.1%?  This means that 93.90% of our planets energy production is NOT from renewable sources.

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Plan for the future

Plan for your Future .                   calculate your savings

A company needs to .

With fuel prices getting only higher, it is a matter of survival to do something about that cost. With Eco Fuelsave we have been able to realize fuel savings of as much as 30% for a diesel engine.

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L’utilisation de hydroxigen dans les moteurs à explosion

Qu’est-ce qui se passe dans un moteur

D’abord la situation normale dans un moteur à 4 temps


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message to shipping

Ever calculate what was left over from your gross revenues when diesel had rissen from 80 pence to a cost of 95 pences this year

Is these 95 pences an impossibility ???.

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our mission


Ecofuelsave is about saving

  1. saving the money you spend on your fuel bills (up to 30% may be possible )

  2. saving on maintanance cost of your engines

  3. saving the environement by

  • lowering emissions (95 % less CO, and NOx greatly reduced)
  • lowering fuel consumption


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Notre concept pour votre moteur

Voici comment nous travaillons
Nous avons dans notre boutique professionnelle un ensemble complet format de générateur HHO (pour les moteurs à environ 3000 HP)
avec les dispositifs de sécurité de base et les contrôles


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Seeing is believing

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Recently we tested a rather new truck (build  2010)

We outfitted it with a HHO generator set of ours

and we let it run for two weeks just to check for the drivers normal behaviour pattern.

after these two weeks we switched on the generator

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AIE encourage les Pays-Bas de faire pression pour la décarbonisation et de l’intégration de l’électricité sur le marché

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AIE loue l’ouverture du marché néerlandais de l’énergie et appelle à cadre à long terme à l’horizon 2030 pour garantir l’approvisionnement en énergie

22 Avril 2014 Le Haye


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