Renewable energy is underused.

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Did you know that our planets renewable energy production is only 6.1%?  This means that 93.90% of our planets energy production is NOT from renewable sources.

Do you really want to sit back and be a part of the problem?

 There is something you can do and you can get started in just a few minutes from now.  The answer is solar and wind power.  These 2 renewable energy sources only count for .2% of energy production.  Why is solar and wind energy so underused?  Because people think it’s too expensive to setup.  This is simply not true at all.

 My solar and wind generator cost only a few hundred dollars to setup and I am now saving money every day.

  The best setup plans can be found here:


 This is the guide that I personally used and I found the added video instructions very helpful.  If you need any help building your solar panels or windmill please let me know and I will help out where I can.


So your first step is to visit the website and get the plans here:





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