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Plan for your Future .                   calculate your savings

A company needs to .

With fuel prices getting only higher, it is a matter of survival to do something about that cost. With Eco Fuelsave we have been able to realize fuel savings of as much as 30% for a diesel engine.

The necessary equipment is not for free that should be obvious. It is not a standard device that is suitable for all brands and types of engine. An experienced mechanic will agree that every engine is different. But they have one thing in common: they seem to enjoy a sip.
We have at Ecofuelsave, because we understand that every of you pennies should also be earned, a concept that once our installation is on board , pays for itself. Because the savings on the fuel bill are greater than the lease price (even if the price of gas oil drops to 25 cent) It is a lease, so after 5 years you can fully own it, by that time the price of gas oil probably much higher. The rest you may calculate yourself / think about

There are many more ways to reduce your fuel bill as
– Electric Fishing
– Conversion to heavy oil
a,, small “disadvantage is that everything requires an investment and you need to visit a bank. It could with our equipment even be possible that those steps can be saved for. Because especially with heavy oil it’s possible to get even more value from our equipment. And fishing with electric pulse your motor will run slower, and under normal circumstances be much more polluting .This is omitted with our equipment.

calculate your savings


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