A few figures

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The world fleet of ships consists of about 120.000 ships from small to really large

It is unrealistic that all these units will go fossil fuel-free within the next 30 years

The system can be build-in into any engine, you have at least 10% fuel savings at the same power output.

Without major investments, you can start saving on your fuel, and that way pre-starting your part of the great energy transition

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Your Gain

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We’re not cutting down on your power consumption

But we can reduce your GHG emissions significantly

So you can do the same job with less environmental impact

Added advantage  less fuel consumption

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Russian research shows

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Experimental results on trucks and cars confirmed the fundamental possibility of reducing the use of liquid fuel, improving the energy efficiency of the internal combustion engine, and reducing the toxicity of their exhaust gases in a large city due to the partial addition of hydrogen to the gasoline mixture. Thus, in the mode of imitation of the urban driving cycle, energy consumption was reduced by 2.4–5.6%, while gasoline was replaced by 8–17%. The toxicity of exhaust gases under steady-state conditions in bench conditions was reduced by components from 17–96%).

V N Konoplev et al 2019 IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 632 012043

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How does H2 work in the combustion proces

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As H2 is the ultimate combustible, its addition to the combustion process enhances the burning of the other fuels it is not only via the normal ,,chemical” burning process  but as the pressures and temperatures rise in the combustion phase H2 is transformed to a plasma state and in this state it starts to react as a catalyst for the usual fuel burning process this is why only a little amount of H2 is needed compared to the rest of the fuel/oxigen mixture.In the plasma phase H+ ions make sure the fuel is burned very efficient. this way it reduces all the environmental minus points of whichever kind of fuel you are required to use in your engine




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New research from Lloyd’s Register and University College London’s Energy Institute explores the drivers for the future energy mix in shipping in 2030

  • Report indicates that in all scenarios heavy fuel oil remains the main fuel for deep sea shipping; LNG develops a deep sea bunker market share of 11%; low sulphur heavy fuel oil and hydrogen emerge as alternatives in certain scenarios
  • In Global Commons, the most optimistic scenario for a more sustainable world, global greenhouse gas emissions from shipping decline from 2025 despite significant growth in shipping
  • Study shows that the combination of growth in trade and reduced emissions would require a reduction in fossil fuel dependency and the commencement of a transition to a zero carbon fuel like hydrogen

Global Marine Fuel Trends 2030 released today by Lloyd’s Register provides insight into future fuel demand for the containership, bulk carrier/general cargo and tanker sectors – representing approximately 70% of the global shipping industry’s fuel demands.

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Renewable energy is underused.

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Did you know that our planets renewable energy production is only 6.1%?  This means that 93.90% of our planets energy production is NOT from renewable sources.

Do you really want to sit back and be a part of the problem? Read the rest of this entry >>

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Regeren is vooruitzien

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Regeren is vooruitzien luid het gezegde.                                 calculate your savings

In een bedrijf Geld hetzelfde.

Met brandstof prijzen die alleen maar hoger worden is het dus een zaak van overleven om aan die kostenpost wat te doen.
Als Ecofuelsave zijn we er in geslaagd om een brandstof besparing van maar liefst 30 % te realiseren bij een diesel motor.


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Het toepassen van hydroxy gas in verbrandings motoren

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Wat gebeurt er in een motor

Eerst de normale situatie in een 4-takt motor


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bericht voor visserij

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Al eens laten uitrekenen wat je dit jaar had overgehouden van je besomming als de gasolie geen 60 maar 70 cent had gekost

Is 70 cent een onmogelijkheid???.


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Onze doelstelling

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Bij Ecofuelsave gaat het om besparen


  1. Het besparen op uw energierekening (tot 30% is mogelijk)
  2. besparing op de onderhoudskosten van uw motoren
  3. het sparen van het milieu door
  • verlagen emissies (95% minder CO en NOx sterk verminderd)
  • het verlagen van het brandstofverbruik


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